We are a diversified group engaged in the manufacture of different industrial products serving various customer segments. We are committed to customer satisfaction by producing innovative, quality products. With our branches located throughout India, we are well positioned to serve your requirement. Please contact our national sales team for further assistance.


Beardsell announces audited financial results for the year ended March 31, 2016: Net sales of Rs.150 crores.

Business Divisions
Clean Rooms

With more than a decade of experience in the clean room arena, we offer turnkey solutions for clean room erection. With our GMP/cGMP clean room panels, we are able to meet the needs of customers in the pharma, electronics, food processing and other sectors.

Pre-Fabricated Structures & Quikbuild

Our customized pre-fabricated structures save our customers time and money when they need a high-quality structure in the quickest timeframe.

QuikBuild Construction System

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Thermal insulation conserves energy in any industrial project. Any pipeline, chamber, room, roof or structure that is insulated will retain temperature in an energy-efficient manner.


Our packaging solutions can serve a wide variety of needs. From high-end electronics to heavy-weight industrial parts, we can design a custom solution for your packaging needs.

Specialty & Defence

We offer custom solutions to the defence sector including high altitude shelters and Polyurethane foam for specialty applications.

Trading Activities

Beardsell is a leading exporter of industrial equipment to various countries. If you are interested in sourcing items from India or elsewhere, contact us to discuss your requirement.

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