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Packaging | Igloo
IGLOO icebox


This Igloo Hot Pack, made out of Expanded Polystyrene with the latest technology, is a remarkable kitchen aid – a boon to every busy housewife. Can cook and store food in the HOT PACK, hours before guests arrive and serve just as piping hot, tasty and nutritious, as when cooked.

IGLOO compact


IGLOO moulded from Expanded Polystyrene an excellent insulated Box with light weight, exceptionally strong and can bear loads of upto 50 kgs, remarkably well. With minimum care, IGLOO can last for years. Used widely in Pharma Sector.

IGLOO polar pack


IGLOO retains the natural flavours and nutrients in food excellently. Temperature retention efficiently is very good without loss of palatability even after 8 hours of storage. Used in Marine sector also customer's site.

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