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Pre - Fabricated Structures
Cold Storages

We are the pioneering supplier of panel-based cold storages in India. Our insulated sandwich panels provide superior insulation, are fire-resistant, very lightweight and extremely durable."

Site Offices

Our site offices can be constructed quickly and economically. We can custom-design a site office for your needs and construct it quickly.

Affordable Housing

Our affordable housing concepts are accepted worldwide. With the lowest cost of construction, and superior durability and resilience, especially in earthquake prone areas, our panelized building systems can be used anywhere for high-quality, low-cost housing.

Modular Housing

Our modular pre-fabricated building solutions enable you to construct expandable housing quarters. Our buildings are comparable to any concrete and brick construction, with the advantage of quicker delivery.

Doors & Insulated Partitions

Our economical doors are available in a variety of sizes. Both solid doors and doors with view-panels are available.

Roof-top Structures

Our panel building system can be used to build roof-top structures that are durable and easy to construct.

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