What is the Quik Build Construction System?

The Quik Build system uses prefabricated panels consisting of a super-insulated core of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two engineered sheets of steel welded mesh to create a shell for a building. A special mix of concrete is then applied using traditional methods or a shotcreting machine to create a monolithic structure.

What applications can Quik Build be used for?

The Quik Build system and panels can be used for various building applications. It is an excellent replacement for brick walls, masonry block walls, pre-cast concrete panels, and even load bearing slab. The Quik Build panels can also be used for floor systems and ceilings including roofstructures.

What building standards does Quik Build system comply with?

The Quik Build panel has been tested by IIT-Chennai (Indian Institute of Technology – Chennai) for the relevant building standards and codes in use today. The Quik Build panel has passed all the requirements and the test results are listed below in the Appendix.

How does the Quik Build Construction System compare to conventional building systems?

The Quik Build system has various advantages over the conventional building systems currently in use. The savings in material, labor, capital and time are substantial while at the same time providing additional benefits like thermal insulation and waterproofing.

Quik Build vs Others

Quik Build Masonry Imported Pre-Fab Siporex Sintex
Material Concrete/EPS/Steel Concrete/Bricks/Steel FerroCement/Steel Fly-Ash/Concrete/Steel Plastic/Concrete/Steel
Thermal Insulation K-value of 0.033 K-value of 5.000 K-value of 3.900 K-value of 0.122 K-value of 0.970
Fire Proof 120 min 120 min 120 min 240 min 60 min
Strength-Weight Ratio GOOD BAD FAIR GOOD FAIR
Load Bearing
Structural Integrity (Seismic/Winds) YES YES YES YES NO
Light Weight
(For additions, etc.)
Uniform Quality YES NO NO YES YES
(Modular Shipping)
Labor Savings
(Ease of erection)
Utility Add-ons Pre-Built
On-Site only On-Site only On-Site only On-Site only
(Ability to modify, etc.)
Form Factors Multiple, incl. curved Multiple, incl. curved Blocks and Flat Slabs Blocks and Flat Slabs Flat Slabs only

Is a Quik Build structure Earthquake resistant?
Yes, a demo two-storey structure built using these panels was struck twice by earthquakes, a (6.5) and (7.6) Richter Scale tremor. One of them was a continuous shake lasting over a full minute. The structure went through the quakes with zero structural effects.

Is the Quik Build panel Fire resistant?

The Quik Build panel is non-combustible and has a minimum 1.5-hour fire rating (a higher rating can easily be attained using more concrete). Thus, structures built with Quik Build panels are virtually fire resistant.

What is the fire rating of Quik Build construction system?

The fire-rating for the panels is derived from the wire mesh gauge in conjunction with the concrete thickness. The EPS core has a flame-spread index of 25 or less and a smoke developed rating of 450 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM-E84.The EPS core does not contain ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) in the manufacturing process or products
50mm EXP-Core with 40mm Shotcrete each side = 1.5 Hours
50mm EXP-Core with 50mm Shotcrete each side = 2.0 Hours
80mm EXP-Core with 80mm Shotcrete each side = 4.0 Hours
Fire rating increases with greater quantities of concrete applied to each side.

What is the wind load capacity of Quik Build panels?

A test was conducted with three Quik Build panels 1200mm wide and 3040mm high with 40mm of shotcrete on each face installed vertically, side-by-side, on a concrete slab, several cm in front of a rigid backup wall with space between the panels and the backup wall. These panels were tested per static-wind load test. No failures occurred to the specimens or their fastenings orthe anchorage. The panels were tested at 615 kgf/sqm, which represents over 400 Km/h-wind factor.

What are the load bearing capabilities of a QUIKBUILD structure?

The traditional block wall and other systems cannot compare to Quik Build panel’s strength. A Quik Build panel with 50mm polystyrene core using 2mm mesh wire, 2.50m in height has been tested at a structural load of over 78,000 lbs.

Is the EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) core waterproof?

The polystyrene core is water-resistant. A test conducted on the Quik Build panel demonstrated EPS to have maximum water absorption of less than 2.5%. It should be noted that the EPS used in Quik Build panels is an inert material that provides no nutritive value to plants, animals, or microorganisms.
In addition, EPS will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. Aging has no effect upon the performance of EPS and it is able to withstand the abuse of temperature cycling, essentially assuring long term performance.

What are the thermal characteristics for the Quik Build construction system?

Due to the EPS core built into the panel it provides an excellent thermal barrier. The structure will have few wall penetrations which keep thermal loss at a minimum and can save upto 50% in heating/cooling costs.

What are the R-Value ratings (Thermal Insulation) for QuikBuild?

The R-Value ratings will vary with differences in:
• thicknesses and density of the EPS core
• thickness of the shotcrete applied to the interior and exterior
The following figures are approximate indicators of the expected minimum of R-Value ratings:
• 50mm EPS Core R-Value 1.2 m2C/W
• 80mm EPS Core R-Value 1.8 m2C/W
• 100mm EPS Core R-Value 2.2 m2C/W