Product Introduction

The Quik Build system uses modular panels that are prefabricated with utility add-ons.

The panels consist of

A super-insulated Polystyrene Core

Two engineered layers of Galvanised Steel Mesh

Galvanised Steel Trusses

The Steel Trusses are pierced through the Polystyrene Core and welded to the outer layer sheets of Galvanised Steel Mesh. The utility add-ons can be pre-built into the Core material.

Product Specification

Quik Build panels are available in the following sizes:

Width 1200 mm

Length 2850 (9'), 3000 (10'), upto 5000mm

EPS Slab Thickness 50, 80mm

EPS Slab Type Plain or Corrugated

Mesh 50 x 50 mm , 100 x 100 mm

Mesh wire thickness 2.5 mm dia (std.), 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm

Utility Fittings per Customer

Construction Method

Foundation is built using conventional methods

Starter bars are cast into the slab

The panels are erected vertical and plumbed and temporarily supported by way of bracing.

Rebar is set between the mesh and the polystyrene (for easy wall alignment).

Fixing of splice meshes using fastener tool.

Door and window openings cut out (can be cut both before or after panel erection)

Erection of roof panels and fastening with joining mesh.

Concealed plumbing and electrical wiring installed (can be pre-built into the panels)

The window and door frames are fixed.

Shotcreting of both interior and exterior walls.

Concreting of exterior side of roof panel.

Construction Method